Martin “Marty” Hellkamp

Martin “Marty” Hellkamp is a graduate in Aerospace Engineering from Virginia Tech. Originally from the mid-west; Marty fell in love with Virginia and returned to Roanoke after working for the Navy. At the age of 24 he started his first medical business; pioneering an independent (non-hospital based) mobile CT scanning company in SW Virginia. Ten years later he sold the successful mobile medical company to a national corporation. Staying in SW Virginia, Marty remained an innovator in the medical field and co-founded, with his brother Paul and several others, the Center for Advanced Imaging and Center for Surgical Excellence.

After selling these medical facilities to a local hospital, Marty remains dedicated to the entrepreneurial spirit and has successfully founded other businesses and holds multiple patents with products on the market. Marty brings to the panel not only 35 years of business experience but his keen insight into every aspect of what makes a business work; including: concept design to store shelf, funding and finance, business structure, sales and marketing and exit strategies.

Marty enjoys working with other entrepreneurs and is motivated by their energy and creative spirits. He also enjoys golf, working with his hands, and his family; especially his three (soon to be 4) grandchildren….