Upcoming Events

The region’s first investment focused entrepreneurial event returns on January 17, 2019! There have been several changes in the structure of the event so stay tuned for the exciting details!

Are you ready to take your existing business to the next level? Do you have an invention and a business plan, but lack the investors that will take your product to the next level? Have you created an App or new technology that will be sought after by millions, but don’t have the funds to take it to market?

If you answered yes, it is time to register for the 5th Annual Roanoke Star Tank on January 17th and present your concept to a panel of local investors who are anxious to become business partners with someone in our region.

Our Panel of investors is comprised of the region’s most visionary, successful entrepreneurs and business owners who have experience jumpstarting an idea, product or an established business. In the weeks prior to the event, our panel of investors will carefully review all Star Tank applications and choose a pre-determined number of capable, market-ready entrepreneurs to present at Roanoke Star Tank.

During the event, presenters will pitch their business to the panel and if investors believe the business has potential, one or multiple members of the ‘Tank’ will present a verbal offer for a stake in the company. Business presenters can accept, reject or negotiate the offer further.

If this sounds like what you need to take your invention, service concept or small business to the next level, click here to register today for Roanoke Star Tank 2019.