Amanda Stanley

Amanda serves as President and CEO of DePaul Community Resources, a social impact organization with over 200 employees across 18 locations in Virginia. Amanda sees beyond current constructs, defies conventional thinking and asks big questions about how we can make our world better. She holds a vision while she creates space for others to imagine it, embrace it, and put their own fingerprints all over it. DePaul’s work is transformational, and Amanda’s focus is on creating innovative solutions to very human problems.

Prior to joining DePaul, Amanda was a small business owner based in Bedford. Her consulting business, TwoChair Solutions, focused on helping both public and private human-serving agencies move beyond their status quo. She founded an online search engine for the social sector that helped connect clients with the right providers. Her career began in the public sector, providing direct care to individuals in need through local social service agencies in Bedford and Roanoke.

In addition to her responsibilities at DePaul, Amanda also serves on the CentraHealth Board of Directors and is chair of the board of Centra’s Bedford Memorial Hospital. She is a founding Board member of the Virginia Non-Profit Leadership Council and is a graduate of the 2014 Hollins University Batten Leadership Institute Cohort for change. Amanda was recently selected by Lynchburg Business Magazine and the Region 2000 Partnership as a “Top 20 under 40” for her contributions to the community and non-profit sector.