The Panel

Our Panel is constantly growing. If you are interested in becoming a Panel member, please contact us at [email protected].

The Star Tank Panel of accredited investors have all run successful businesses and invested in a range of business types. They are willing and interested in partnering with energetic, dedicated business people who have the ideas and drive, but not the capital and connections, to help a business succeed.

Panel members are prepared to ask hard questions and invest time, energy and financial support in good ideas and hard-working people. Even if a presenter does not receive an offer, the experience and insight gained from the Star Tank Panel of business experts is invaluable.

If you would be interested in being a part of the panel in upcoming events, send us an email.

To be a potential investor, you should:

  • Have significant experience in business and be an accredited investor. 
  • Be willing to be an active participant in presentation including asking questions and making observations.
  • Have a schedule that will allow you to invest appropriate energy into a business.    
  • Have immediate access to investment capital.
  • Have a commitment to teach, nurture and grow a business you might invest in.